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Zagat Surveys: Americas Most Prestigious Dining and Shopping Guide

review highlights

2002: "one of the best burgers in town."
2003: "friendly meeting place for Va-Highlanders for decades."
2004: "favorite of many since 1961 for its righteous burgers and other American eats."
2005: "friendly service, terrific joint; delivers a great value."
2006: "where the regulars go for real food and real people."
2007: *rated excellent* "fantastic burgers, good beer selection, and a friendly staff that remembers you."
2008: "real deal on the bustling corner."
2009: "every neighborhood needs and institution like this."
2010: "cozy neighborhood standby warms the heart; fast service with a smile."

Southern Living: June 1995


When the Olympic world comes questing for perfect Atlanta burgers next summer, where will we send them?  One hungry Georgia night, a few of us set out with empty stomachs and open minds to find the beefy best of the bunch around the Olympic city. 


First stop: George’s 1041 North Highland, in the Virginia Highlands area.  A real Olympic weight lifting event.  Eight ounces of 100% beef loaded to the max with munch.

Is success hidden in George’s secret seasoning (we couldn’t wheedle the recipe); the persistent sports on TV, the deep booths, or the onion rings the size of Barbie doll Hula Hoops?  We elected the bacon and Monterrey Jack burger ($6.50) as the gold medalist.

Southern Living: September, 2007: Atlanta's Best Burgers

"Messy or neat, loaded or plain, burgers remain our choice to satisfy meaty cravings. Here are our picks of the best in Georgia's capital city.  George's Bar and Restaurant: Beer and burgers draw locals to this 1961 pub.  We like its great little sidewalk cafe that faces the fashionable intersection of Virginia and North Highland Avenues.  Big eaters prefer the 8-ounce burgers, but the 5-Ounce satisfies as well-- especially when you enjoy it with a side of onion rings.  The Bleu Cheese adds tangy crumbles to the hand-formed patty, while the Mushroom & Swiss makes a sloppy, happy meal that doesn't require any additional condiments..."



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